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Since our founding in the Toronto, Canada market, we’ve been aggressive in research and development for SEO in the digital marketing space along with cutting-edge website designs. Thus, we welcome you to take advantage of the knowledge that our firm has gained as we work together to increase your traffic and conversion rates.

The Sweet Science of Presentation:

For many business owners in the Toronto, Canada market, the idea of getting their marketing services up and running in the digital arena has great appeal. However, if your goal is just to get up and running without direction, then you’re not leveraging a powerful rule of website design. In fact, our firm has discovered that the more interactive a page is for a user, the better the lead and sale conversion rates are for that business.


Example: Some Toronto, Canada Ski and Snowboard Business

Let’s take the example of an SEO and marketing strategy using a ski and snowboard shop to build upon our core premise. First, we’ll begin with an interactive page that asks the visitor some core questions. All of this digital logic will be incorporated into the design when our firm launches your website. It will also help to emphasize your services to prospective clients.

So, in this case, we would ask the following question: What is your main interest? And the possible answers could be: skiing equipment rentals, snowboard equipment rentals, and snowmobiling expeditions. With this service-based website design model, we are taking advantage of traffic generated by cost per click marketing or SEO efforts and converting it into a qualified lead. When the user selects that they are interested in skiing equipment, the page transforms immediately, showing only options relevant to what they want to do. Again, this type of website design method is called interactive lead capture, and it is one of our firm’s most popular ways for helping clients to achieve greatness in their digital marketing and SEO.

Another step in this process might be to ask them if they need accommodations for Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or other areas of the country. In this manner, the web page is doing the hard work to accommodate your visitor, and this engagement is far better than a simple website form. Our firm achieves these results through improved design of the information flow and by controlling what grabs the attention of your website visitor. Therefore, SEO and marketing efforts are not wasted on a digital form or design that is lacking in strong presentation. For more information on our services and tips on how your business can achieve success, please contact our sales team.

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