Engage Your Clients With High-Quality Marketing Videos

Need to convey a message, introduce a new product or service, or explain a unique idea or process?  Sure, you could use words and imagery, but why not take your marketing to the next level with a high-quality video?


In today’s fast-paced, digital age, video media has become the preferred way for people to download information.  Videos in social media feeds, in campaign emails, and online presentations have a significantly higher click-through rate than their text-based counterparts. When you provide customers with a high-quality video, you are providing them with an experience!

Improve Your Online Presence

Videos are also an incredible marketing tool that can be used on social media, YouTube, and other sharing sites.  These visual presentations, when implemented correctly, can boost your performance in search engines.

Discover the i4 Video Difference

Our video production team is committed to creating a cinematic quality presentation for your business.  We apply compelling parallax transitions, engaging stock music, and captivating imagery and footage to create a masterpiece your company will be proud of.  Because your company is unique, the i4 production team will make sure that your video products are customized to your needs.

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